The SEO Link Building Guide For Every Business

  • 25th January 2018

Online marketing is so damn hard. Why is everything so complicated when it comes to getting some businesses from rankings on Google?
We’ve got Link building, on-page optimisation, Content creation, responsive websites, E V E R Y T H I N G else!

It’s a new year and many businesses are getting in touch wanting new websites and wanting to get higher rankings on Google and more business in. It’s the same every January and it’s great to see. It seems while the personal part of our brain decides to have a month off drinking and go on a diet our business parts of the brain go on a rampage to GROW THE BUSINESS this year.

We thought we’d help all you businesses out by giving you a few lessons on the most important aspects of SEO, building links. If you want to get higher rankings on Google you need to do this lot and you need to do it continuously! It works and the payout when you hit page 1 can be huge. 

The need to understand and implement high-quality (link building) campaigns is essential if you’re going to compete and thrive online, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon, Paddy Moogan (Co-Founder, Aria)

Lets get into the nitty gritty of making your website generate some serious business for you this year with higher Google rankings generated through link building.


The definition of Link Building is really simple. Moving from one site to the other is done by the method of hyperlinks (aka links). Link Building is the process of “building” hyperlinks to your site from as many other websites as possible.

  • From the 90s Google has treated links as votes of popularity, Moz
  •  Link popularity of a specific page accounts for 22.33% of the components of Google’s ranking algorithm, Neil Patel
  •  37% of business owners spend between $10,000 and $50,000 per month on link building, Neil Patel
  • Servando Silva managed to Rank on the first Google result page in just 5 Weeks thanx to backlinks, Stream Seo

Link building while necessary is also the hardest part of SEO to master and to perform. There are many elements to building links from sourcing places to get them through to negotiating with site owners to actually get them.

For all those techies out there this is the actual structure of a link and the elements we’re interested in. Pay careful attention to the anchor text part, that’s the gold right there!


So What Type of Links Are There?

Blogger Outreach Links

These are what we class as the best links to get. These are articles about a subject related to your business that someone (you, and SEO agency or a blog/news writer) has created and has a link to your website in it.

Unnatural Links – Stay Clear

Unnatural links are what the SEO industry used to thrive on before Google got smart to the tactic. These are usually purchased links where you rent a link on someones site. Google pays little attention to these now and they do more harm than good.

Links from your own site to other pages on your site (Internal linking)

These are links that are on your website and link your pages together. Often under-rated but equally as powerful as a link on someone elses site. These help tell Google what your whole site and individual pages are about.

Links from your website to other people websites (Outbound linking)

These are where you link out to another website. These don’t harm your SEO strategy really but should be kept to a minimum. If someone leaves your site through a link you’ll not be selling them anything soon.


There are two main reasons you MUST be link building today if you have a website.

1. SEO Ranking Purposes

Link building always has and is likely always going to be the number on factor Google takes into account when deciding who goes where on page 1 of the results. Think about it for a moment. What other method of measurement of popularity does Google have? Social media? Well that’s one but apart from that there are links. The ranking algorithm changes regularly and it’s often to devalue or increase value of certain types of links. They are big factor and you cannot ignore them.

2. Telling Google et all you are here and staying here.

Google likes sites that are aged and have been around with the same or similar content on for a while. If you are a 15 year old website that’s always been about plumbing in susses you can be sure Google will pay attention. Over that 15 years you will have amassed a lot of links and Google knows it. Links show Google you are popular and popular sites tend to get preference over the unpopular ones in search results. In the industry we call it domain authority.


1. Create Cool Content That People Will Link To

People will naturally talk about something cool. These days if they see something cool online they will share it and link to it. The biggest strategy used in link building today is viral or link bait SEO. Put something awesome like an article that teaches something you need (bit like this), gives something away or is just plain awesome and people will want to share it. Creating cool however is the hard part.

Creating content that is great can be easy but it’s often a matter of looking at what the competition do and getting something similar in place. Use others for inspiration in your industry.

2. Guest Blogging

Write (or get written) awesome articles and approach bloggers you think might want to publish them for their readers. Bloggers are always struggling to find content and if you give it to them for free they will love you. You have a link in their to your site of course!

Only concentrate on busy, popular blogs though. Take a look at how often they put out content and how big their social media following is to gauge whether they are a good match for your business.

3. Sort Out Your Internal Links

It’s often left out of link building strategies but by changing the links and the anchor text of your links you can create a massive boost to your rankings on Google. Make sure the anchor text of your links is using your search terms so Google knows what your pages are about. Drop links into your pages content to other pages on your site. If you are talking about what you do (like SEO Services in our case) use that term as a link. <- See what we did there!

4. Get Social

Get all your content onto Facebook and Twitter so you can build a following. They share and sharing creates interest which in tern creates links. If you use WordPress get your site to automatically post your content to Facebook. Ours does and then Facebook auto tweets it on Twitter. It costs nothing and can have a big impact.

5. Don’t Just Use Written Content

People love a visual and a video, picture or a nice infographic can generate a ton of links to your website quickly. Post a controversial video or image on your site, share it on Facebook and see what happens. We’ve come up with some awesome animated gifs for our customers which are funny only to people in their industry that have been shared and linked to 1000’s of times. Get funny!

And that’s it…

If you need help with any of the above just reach out to us by phoning  on 01903 368559 or you can drop us an email. We’ve helped 100’s of customers over the last decade get to page 1 of Google and generate more business. We can help you too.

If you don’t want help then get on with the above and you’ll be climbing those rankings in no time.

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