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Local Search Engine Optimisation

Higher visibility in Google search results when people search in your local area.
Appear high in Google maps results and achieve page 1 rankings for search terms related to your business and local areas.

Local search engine optimisation is the process of making your website visible when people search for your business in your local area. Google is great at determining if you want a business locally even if you don't use a town or county in your search query. By optimising your websites pages and building links to show Google your site is important we can get you in the top spots when your customers are looking for your services in your area.

What We Do For You

Website Page Optimisation

First we take care of your website itself. Your pages need to be geared up for the search terms you want to rank for and also the areas you want to rank in. This entails making sure technical and content issues are sorted out.


Why you need this:

Google needs to know what your website is about so it knows what search terms to rank you for. On-page optimisation ensures your pages and content are telling Google what you do. We also take care of any technical issues that are know to cause poor rankings.

Powerful Link Building

We build local citation listings (directory links) and other high powered links which show Google your site is important. That get's your website appearing higher in search results and map listings.


Why you need this:

Googles algorithm works to a large extent on domain authority which is a fancy way of saying "how many links point to this website and how good are they?". Powerful backlinks help with natural search results and directory citations help with your map listing. Both together give you total domination of your area.

Website Content Creation

We publish regular, relevant content to your website which shows Google you are an expert on your businesses subject. This helps improve natural rankings and gains you valuable visitors to your site too.


Why you need this:

Another part of Googles algorithm looks at how regularly you publish content and what it's subject matter is. Publishing regular content that is specific to your industry and services helps gain and maintain high rankings for your business.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Appear in the Google map results box 

We work hard building links that are proven to get you in those top spots which appear when a search is performed looking for local businesses. These 3 results in the map get the vast majority of the clicks when they show so it's important you appear there.

High natural search ranking results

When people search for a services in a particular area we make sure your website appears high in the results. After the map and ads come the natural search results which many people ONLY clock on as they don't like clicking on ads. These results get around 45% of clicks from a local search so appearing in the top 3 spots can generate an avalanche of new enquiries for your business.

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Local search engine optimisation helps you get more enquiries through better visibility on Google.


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