Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses in Sussex

  • 2nd March 2018

The days when it is was a luxury for local businesses to engage with SEO (search engine optimisation) are over.

In the current business climate, it’s essential that every local Sussex business understands the importance of SEO and social marketing.

SEO needs to be at the core of everything your local business does. There are many amazing local SEO strategies Sussex businesses can use to boost your rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Keep reading to find out what your business can do to optimize your rankings on Google and other search engines with local SEO Sussex strategies that really work!

1. Basic Information for Local Places Pages

Have you ever searched for a local business on Google and found there isn’t any relevant information?

If you can’t find the address, phone number or opening times of a local business, you’re unlikely to visit their store or make a purchase from them.

That’s why it’s essential that your Sussex business has all the required information on the local places pages of the major search engines. The most important search engines are Yahoo, Bing, and most importantly, Google.

Setting up your page on Google Business is the first step towards an effective SEO Sussex strategy.

2. Add Further Value to Your Local Page

Now you’ve got the basic information out of the way, it’s time to include the detail that will attract searchers to your local business via your Google Business listing.

This means photos and visuals of your products or services, as well as, images of your brand and other content that will attract consumers.

This is a key part of optimizing your local page. You can usually upload an unlimited amount of images so the more the better. Most users want to see the business building from both the inside and outside.

You also need to make sure your business is categorised accurately. You don’t want to get categorised as a cafe, or coffee shop when actually you’re a nightclub. This would misdirect your target audience, it sounds silly but it happens often so double check your category in your account.

Even more damaging is if you fail to categorise your business at all, you could simply not be displayed by the search engine as a recognisable business.

Your local page can also include promotional offers for in-store customers, business news as well as calendar events to win over new customers.

3. Online Customer Reviews

After you’ve made sure all the information is accurate and completed, you need to manage your online customer reviews.

According to a Search Engine Land study, the Google algorithm is affected by the reviews local businesses gain from Google users. In fact, this apparently makes up 10 percent of how Google ranks your business.

Furthermore, 72 percent of consumers claim that they trust an online customer review as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know.

So, how do you improve your customer reviews?

If you’re providing your customers with great products and services this should take care of itself. You don’t need to leave fake customer reviews praising your business.

However, what you can do is make giving a customer review easier. This can be done by leaving a button on your company website to leave reviews. Furthermore, you can encourage customers on social media and in person to leave positive reviews online.

In addition to Google, make sure you check in with other online customer review websites, such as Yelp and Tripadvisor. These websites are key to building a customer base and influencing the market.

4. Optimise Your Company Website

Now you’ve sharpened up your local places pages, it’s time to focus on optimising your own website. After all, if you effectively optimize your local listings, then hopefully this will lead to a greater number of hits on your webpage.

First of all, make sure all your contact information, such as phone number, social media, and address, features clearly on the site. Google likes validation about addresses and contact details and the more places these appear the better.

Secondly, you need to make sure you integrate keywords into your web pages to optimize your SEO strategy. This means using words like Sussex, UK, and England to match the local searches of users.

It’s always advisable to include blog posts on your website. This way you can provide your users and customers with engaging content about industry news and the latest products and services while optimising your SEO. A good content creation strategy will drive more traffic to your website and should be part of your monthly marketing plan.

5. Make Use of Social Media

Social media needs to play a central role in your business’ SEO strategy.

After all, the days when it was only young people sending pictures and Tweeting about their day are over. According to the latest figures, even 55 years olds are flocking to Facebook to share content and “like” pictures.

Alongside Facebook, the other major social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn, represent a huge opportunity for small businesses in Sussex to compete with bigger companies for customers. You can’t afford to miss out so make sure you have social media accounts for all of the big platforms.

These need to be clearly displayed on your local places pages and company website. Social media offers your business a chance to raise brand awareness and big up promotions and events.

Make Use of Our Local SEO in Sussex Services

Local SEO strategies are an essential aspect of every small business in Sussex, the UK and around the world.

Without embracing the opportunity to build a customer base through SEO Sussex strategies you will certainly miss out on the competition. This could have a drastic impact on the rest of your business.

However, by adopting these changes to your social marketing strategy, you can put your business on the right path towards a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy.

If you need help with any of the above just reach out to us by phone on 01903 368559 or you can drop us an email. We’ve helped 100’s of customers over the last decade get to page 1 of Google and generate more business. We can help you too.

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