Local SEO & What Needs To Be Done

  • 20th December 2017

Performing SEO on your website when you are looking to target a local area differs greatly from what’s needed when targeting the whole of the UK. If you are a local tradesman or service based company we’ve got a blueprint below that will get your site ranking high on Google quickly and be more visible to potential customers.

There are two areas that need to be performed to achieve higher visibility in local search. One time tasks and on-going tasks.
Both are critical to successful optimisation of your website and if done correctly can see you ranking high on Google within weeks or just a few months. We’ve achieved page 1 rankings for local companies in as little as 2 weeks using this method so we know it works.

One-off Tasks To Help Boost Your Websites Visibility:

  • Create or claim your Google My Business page.
    This will get you listed in the maps section of the results.
  • Create listings on the “local” sites that matter (AKA citation-building).
    These are directories like yell.com and any other directory you can find that is to do with your business. Also target local directories of businesses in your town or county. Google loves these listings and it confirms your company details for them which they use to prioritise who gets to the top of the map search box
  • Make technical fixes to your site.
    Your site needs to be technically up to Googles standards. It will help your site rank and be prioritised by Google. Insights will help with this.
  • Do basic optimization: title tags, NAP (name address & phone number) info on every page.
    Ideally have your contact details in the footer of your site so every page contains your town and county as well as your full address. This helps Google see where you are based and will prioritise you in those areas. Ensure search terms are in your meta title and included in your pages content.
  • Create a page for each specific service and/or product you offer.
    Having a page for every service you provide also helps you rank for specific sides of your business. i.e. boiler servicing, central heating, general plumbing etc…

Ongoing Work To Boost Rankings Higher:

This is what we in the industry generally refer to as off-page SEO. The majority of this is to do with building links to your website which shows Google other sites deem you important. Think of link building like a voting system. The more votes you have and the more influential they are the better you will do. This is quite often hard to do so usually companies use an SEO agency like ours to build these for them. General rule is the more you build and the faster you build them the quicker you will rank. It’s not always possible to do quickly but we assess each website based on it’s age, number of incoming links it already has and how many links it’s likely to need to hit page 1.

  • Research new link opportunities.
    Find places you could get a link easily. Start with your suppliers and any trade organisations you are part of. Then look at places your customers might hang out like forums.
  • Get those links in place and keep on building them.
    You are going to need a lot of links so rather than do this yourself employ an agency to do the bulk of the work. It’s not as expensive as you might think and will generate better results quicker.
  • Ask for reviews on a variety of sites.
    You can sign up to sites like checkatrade, reviews.com, trustpilot and many more. Google reviews are also available on your Google My Business page. They all have review sections and reviews are something Google loves so will help boost your rankings.
  • Add more helpful content to existing pages and new ones.
    Google loves sites that change and add content on a regular basis. Ideally try to add 2-3 new pages or more to your website each month. The ideal way to do this is have a blog or news section. At least you can just upload case studies of work you’ve done and some pictures. At best you could write helpful articles for people that want to do things related to your industry. i.e. if you are plumber write a blog post on how to change a washer etc…
  • Create a new page any time you’ve got a new offering.
    This one is self explanatory. If you add a new service to your business you needs to create a page to promote it. Don’t just add a bullet point to a list of services on your website. Write a page about what it is, why we need it and what you can do to help us. It works.
  • Continue or start paid marketing.
    Most businesses won’t survive on Google rankings alone and if you are reading this you probably don’t rank well at the moment. Marketing through Google Adwords and Facebook are great for local businesses. The increased traffic to your site is very targeted and the more visitors you have the more Google pays attention to your website. We have customers of ours who we’ve setup professional Adwords campaigns for who generate over 50% of their businesses from marketing online. The rest is through organic rankings on Google and referrals. The more you market the more referrals you’ll get. The more visitors you have the more chance they will share links and likes to your website which helps you rank. It’s all a massive snowball of marketing and customers.
  • Keep learning about local search, SEO, and other areas of online marketing.
    The marketing world for local businesses changes often. Google changes the way results are calculated and displayed regularly too so you need to keep on top of all this SEO stuff. Read leading online resources like moz.com and searchenginejournal.com to stay up to date. Better still hire and SEO agency to just look after this all for you, sit back and just deal with the business.

By the way, I haven’t laid out each step sequentially.  The order you do all this in can vary but ideally it all needs to be done.

If you want help with dominating rankings on a local level take a look at our SEO packages for local businesses. Call us if you want to discuss any of this. We’re here to help grow your business online.

Good luck out there.


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