How We Increased A Book Stores Conversion Rate By Over 100%

  • 7th March 2018

Sometimes just a redesign of your website can make a huge difference to your business. How would you like a 300% increase in revenue?

We recently launched a new website for a military book publisher. The existing website was very dated and although it was taking regular orders, it looked old fashioned and was not optimised for mobile and tablet devices.

The new website is built using the latest content management system, a modern shopping cart and more importantly is optimised for mobiles and tablets first. More than 50% of online shopping is conducted on these devices rather than desktop computers today so it’s no wonder the conversion rate shot up on the new website. Some industries like fashion and jewellery have around an 85% mobile and tablet usage statistic.

Take a look at the analytics data below which compares the first two weeks of being live with the new website to the previous two weeks. What an incredible improvement.

Just re-designing a website to make it look more modern and simpler to shop on can have a dramatic effect on your conversions. Just look at those numbers, how many of you would like to treble your revenue by just having a new website built?

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The main winner for this particular site was in tablet and mobile user conversion rates.

Tablet user conversions increased by 123%

Mobile user conversions increased by 37%

Converting 7.75% of your site visitors into paying customers instead of just 3.55% (which still isn’t bad) will make you a much happier site owner!

Already got a mobile optimised site? There are still things you can do.

There are other things that can be done to increase conversions too even if you already have a mobile optimised site. We use these tools regularly with our SEO and paid search clients to help improve conversion rates and sales as well as leads generated through their websites. It’s not just ecommerce stores that benefit from some clever tweaking.

Heat map analysis

This is a fantastic way to see how people are using your site and where they are going. There are many heat mapping tools out there but they all do a very similar thing. They highlight how far down your page people scroll and where they are clicking with their finger or mouse. If you’ve got an image on your page that people are constantly clicking on and it does nothing then maybe that needs attention. What if you have your best call to action on your websites pages so far down that nobody ever actually scrolls to see it?

These things happen all the time and a heat map analysis will tell you everything you need to know about how your visitors are interacting with your website.

Contact us if you would like help with getting one installed for your site and a full analysis done.

Google Analytics deep dive

Analytics is the king of tools for your website. The majority of website owners have it but very few ever actually go into it. Analytics can tell you exactly where your websites visitors are leaving your site and what pages they are visiting the most. This data gives you a huge insight into the type of content you need to be adding to your site ad what is turning them off.

It’s not just to show you how many people you have on your site at any one time. It’s a much more detailed tool that shows you the route people take through your site.

It can be used to highlight areas that are and are not working for your business and more importantly provide solutions on how to fix them.

We can spend an hour in your Analytics account and tell you exactly what you need to do to boost sales and leads. Get in touch if you’d like more information or help with Analytics.

A/B landing page testing

If you run any kind of paid marketing and are not doing this you will be missing out on A LOT of conversions.

A/B testing is basically the process of creating multiple versions of a page on your site and then sending traffic to them to see which give you the best results. You do have landing pages on your site don’t you?

For ecommerce stores landing pages from Google Adwords and other paid advertising tend to be the product and category pages themselves. Why not test different layouts of these pages for a few weeks and see what happens to sales. Even changing the colour of your buy now button can make a difference.

If your business relies on it’s website to generate leads then the world is your oyster when it comes to A/B testing. Add a contact form to the top of your page on one version, put your phone number really BIG at the top on another, use bullet points on another version, get a video made and try that on another one…….

You get the point here. We’ve seen increases of over 300% in lead generation in our own landing pages using these techniques. Imagine spending the same amount of money and getting 3X the amount of leads for your business. Seem worth the work now? That could treble your turnover within months.

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