How We Generate Business Leads By Dominating Google Local Search Results

  • 13th March 2018

When someone performs a search on google for local businesses Google shows the map box with 3 businesses listed in it. The vast majority of searchers who see the map box when they perform a search click on those 3 map listings as they are deemed in Googles eyes to be the best match for the search performed.

But how do you get your business to appear in the top 3 results over all your local competitors?

It’s actually not as hard as it may seem.

We Dominate Local Search Results in our Town.
You Can DOMINATE Them Too!

We’re proud of our local search results for our main search terms. In fact we’ve actually got 2 listings in the map box. Yes we’re that good at getting results in there!

We rank in the map box for the 3 main search terms that businesses use to find companies like us.

Website Designer Worthing, Web Designer Worthing, Website Design Worthing

That map listing equates to almost 60% of our monthly business enquiries form the local area so it’s a huge source of business, and we can get your business there too.

Take a look at the screenshots below. The proof we know what we’re doing.

How We Did It & How We Can Help You too!

Google needs confirmation of a businesses eligibility to be in that map results box. There are 3 main factors it looks at when deciding which websites should appear there.

FIRST – How long the business has been established in Googles eyes and how old is the Google Business listing.

SECOND – Has the business got on-page factors that tell Google where it is located and the areas it covers.

THIRD – Can Google verify the NAT (name, address, telephone) details via third party sources.

There are also additional factors that play a part in getting into that box. These include the content on your website and how up-to-date it is as well as how much of an authority your site is compared to your local competitors.

So how do you tick all these boxes for Google?

Getting high map rankings is just a case of showing Google you are eligible and more importantly the right choice for those 3 coveted spots. This is achieved by simple completing a checklist of activities which over time (usually a few months) will propel your site into the top spots.

Complete these steps (or have a company like ours do them for you) to get total domination of the local Google map results.

FIRST – Make sure you have claimed your business listing at Google Business. It’s simple to do and you just need to follow the instructions.

SECOND – Optimise your website with NAT details and the areas you cover. This can be as simple as making sure you have your full business address and contact details on the “contact us” page of your site. For added security add the full business NAT details to the footer of your site too. Also try to list out the areas you cover so Google knows your location and surrounding areas. Extra confirmation but not essential.

THIRD – This is the important part. Gain business citation links on directories to confirm your details for the Google spider. Google likes to make sure it’s results are correct and it also like sites that are popular. Popularity on the web is measured by the number of links pointing to your website. Gaining links on local, national and trade directories satisfies both these criteria. By listing your business details you are confirming for Google they are correct as other sites now show the same information as you submitted in your business listing. You are also gaining links to your website (directories like to list your website address) and therefor showing Google your site is important as others are now linking to you, voting for your site.

The first two parts can be done yourself quite easily but the third part is time consuming and laborious. It can be very hard to track down enough directories to get you where you want to be. Often we find sites can need hundreds of citation links. Thankfully we have a massive list of these so can build the links for you over a period of months so you don’t have to.

Click here to take a look at our local SEO plans.

So You’ve Done the Above But You’re Still Not in the Map Box! What Now?

Sometimes it can take a little extra power to get those top 3 spots for your business. If there are well established competition or a lot of businesses in your area they may be tough to beat.

All is not lost however. If you have a good base of citations you just need more power in Googles eyes to claim that spot. This is where content creation and powerful link building comes in.

Remember we mentioned in our list of requirements above that Google like sites that are an authority. Well to appear more authoritative to Google you need two more things.

FIRST – Good quality content updated regularly on your site. This is fairly easy and inexpensive to achieve. We offer a content creation service where we research articles to write about your businesses subject matter and publish posts on your site on a regular basis. You can of course write good relevant content yourself and we would recommend at least 4 x 500 word blog posts per month.

Take a look at our content creation service if you need help with this.

SECOND – Powerful links are required. Googles measure of authority of a website is based on links. The more links you have and the more powerful those links are the higher Google sees your site as an authority above your competitors. High authority link building is quite hard to achieve and you’ll probably need no more than 6-10 of these good links to give your site the boost it needs. It all depends on the competition in your local area.

Blogger outreach is the most common way to get these. This involves getting good quality content written and you simply contact other website (who must be high authority sites themselves) and ask per mission to post your content on their site. The content you provide has a link back to your website and hey presto, you’re done. Blogs always need content so these sites are happy to publish your articles for free normally in exchange for a quick link back to your website.

If you want high authority links we can provide those for you with our guest posting/blogger outreach service.

So that’s it. You’re complete guide to dominating local search results and exactly the method we used to get our site total domination of our local area.

Everything is included in our monthly local SEO plans so if you just want it DONE FOR YOU then take a a look at our prices.


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