Why Great Content Will Bring Your Website Success

  • 16th March 2018

Content marketing is constantly developing. From Google algorithm updates to new web design trends and social media changes, it can be hard to keep up.

One thing that is always constant, though, is the need for exceptional content writing. Writing is the bread and butter of your content strategy. Without it, all you have are some graphics and photos or videos, but not the full story.

You need both the captivating visuals and the right words to get user’s attention. This is what establishes a strong search foundation, and what can turn a click on your website into a conversion, too.

The following is a closer look at all the ways you can use professional writing to create more success for your website.

1. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Much of content marketing relies on the use of search engines — either through the use of SEO or PPC. These systems are organic or paid advertising, and they both rely on the use of keywords to rank.

There are other factors that go into a successful search strategy, but keywords are definitely a requirement. You need to know which terms will make your content writing the most successful. This helps you create valuable, relevant information that is easy to find.

More so, you need to understand how to use keywords properly.

An overuse of a certain word or phrase makes your writing off-putting to read. Sometimes, it can even send a negative signal to search bots.

The right balance of each optimized word and phrase is best achieved by a professional content writer. This is one who knows how the online world works and how to create a strong platform for your website to succeed.

2. Landing Pages and Opt-In Forms

Content writers create everything from the SEO tags and meta descriptions on your website to the “About Us” and “Contact” pages. Each page on your website is called a landing page.

Every landing page is an opportunity for content writing to generate more traffic to your site. Writers work with web developers and graphic designers to create a website that is visually engaging and highly informative.

They brainstorm the best way to make your services and products shine. This begins with hooking readers on the home page and taking them all the way through different opt-in options.

An opt-in can be an email or newsletter subscription, a direct contact form, or even a purchase.

It tells you that your content writing is working successfully because people are actively continuing the conversation.

3. Blog Posts and Guest Blogs

Speaking of conversation, you’ll need professional content writing if you want to start a blog.

Blogging is one of the best ways to keep fresh, relevant content flowing on your website. It allows you to set your business apart as an authority in your industry, and to stay connected with your audience.

Guest blogging takes such efforts one step further. A guest blog is an article you write in the point of view of your business, to be featured on another website’s blog. This expands your online network and develops a system of backlinks, which help drive traffic to your site.

Another form of guest blogging is when someone submits a post to be featured on your blog. This user is also looking to build a link strategy and their audience.

Remember, featuring guests on your website gives you a heightened level of authority, which also pays off.

4. Social Media and Email Blasts

As efficient as either form of blogging can be, it’s best to continue developing your content marketing strategy. Further opportunities to do so are social media and email blasts.

Social media is all about making genuine, lasting connections with your audience. This is where users go to get a behind-the-scenes look at who you are and what you do. Great content writing gives them the red carpet treatment.

Well-crafted writing is the difference between facilitating interesting social conversations and fostering a community and having users scroll past you. It is what makes online readers stop and take a moment to read what you have to share.

The same effect happens when you send email blasts that have been catered by content writers. Users are more likely to open something that feels from the heart, not like another sales push or promotion.

5. Establish a Brand Voice

The more you share the genuine side of your business through content writing, the stronger your brand voice becomes. This is a crucial part of all your marketing efforts — no matter if they are digital or print.

brand’s voice is something users can relate to. It’s what makes users feel like they are talking to a familiar, almost friendly voice when they read your social media caption or new blog post.

Your voice is also a representation of the values you hold as a company, your company culture, and the social responsibility causes you care about. These go beyond driving traffic and sales. They are what truly set you apart from competitors.

6. Connect with Real People, Not Search Bots

At the end of the day, whether you’re using content writing via blogging, emails, or web design, you’re starting a conversation. That is what all of your marketing campaigns come down to — talking to users and making a connection.

All too often, companies get sidetracked by focusing too much on keyword ranking and usage. As mentioned above, keywords are a crucial part of writing great content, but they aren’t the whole story.

Exceptional content is written when you focus on your users. This is how you can best relate to the people on the other end of the screen. It’s what creates a strong relationship and keeps people coming back for more.

Using the right balance of keywords and other search engine efforts is how they find you. Using the right content writing is what makes these individuals go from another online user to a bought-in customer.

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